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Robot & Skull Dance - Lamplighter Festival

Skull Dancer

Skull Dancer

It was lovely to be invited to created live projection and animation at Lamplighter Festival in Todmorden. A fantastic event with amazing visuals, music and interaction. Such fun to see people interact with the the characters, movement and light live and in the moment. Images from Yvonne Roberts.

Wild Woods III

Down at the Wildwoods

Another fun set at Wildwoods Bradford with live projection and animation. All images by Yvonne Roberts. Projector and tech by Lumen.

Wild Woods Bradford

Projection on the ex M&S Building on Darley Street, Bradford

It has been wonderful to be part of Wild Woods Bradford with the lovely folk at The BrickBox . Initially I was commissioned to create a playful hand drawn image on 4 large windows of the ex M&S building on Darley Street in Bradford (see here), and was then asked to create live and in the moment projections on the front of the building during a series of events in October and November. Top full-on animated fun! What a blast! Photography by Yvonne Roberts.

Fun Day of drawing

Yesterday was a fun day of public drawing. Firstly a visit to Thornhill for a couple of short school based drawing workshops, and then over to Bradford for more work on the Wild Woods Windows. Top Fun!

Beautiful collaborative mirror drawing made  by pupils at Thornhill Jnr and I School

Beautiful collaborative mirror drawing made  by pupils at Thornhill Jnr and I School

Window progress day two.

Window progress day two.

Wild Woods Windows - Day One

Image - Brickbox (via Twitter)

Image - Brickbox (via Twitter)

Great first Wild Woods Bradford day for me working with the lovely Brickbox folk again. Lots of Posca pens, patterns and creatures. Top Fun!

Image -  Maria Spadafora  (via instagram)

Image - Maria Spadafora (via instagram)

First Weekend of Sci-Fi Workshops

Father and Son working on a robot

Father and Son working on a robot

I had a great weekend of Sci-Fi drawing workshops at three Kirklees libraries. Lots of lovely family interactions and a great selection of imagery. Three generations of my own family turned up to workshop number one and my Brother and Mum drew together for the first time in 35 years! Result!

Making Simone the Dancing Cat

Simone in the Musical Garden

Simone in the Musical Garden

Working as part of 154 Collective is always a blast, and even though our approach can appear haphazard, even chaotic or bonkers, the methods often spit out unexpected outcomes. Simone is one of those outcomes. The 'visual script' (below) for our show Cardboard Joe contained a character that I named Simone the Dancing Cat. She cried out to become a puppet, and as discussions around story ideas developed she managed to secure a central role in the piece.

Below is a gallery of images tracking the making of Simone. Her blue colour developed out of the Cafe Nero bags used as collage elements in the early sketchbook ideas. She is constructed mainly from cardboard and gum tape, and finished off nicely with a fleece fabric body and limbs. She is painted with acrylic paint and posca pens. In the show she busts a series of startling moves under the guidance of Cardboard Joe (Dan Mallaghan).

Sci-Fi Drawing workshops

I have been commissioned to deliver a series of family learning workshops in Kirklees libraries with a sci-fi theme. Really exciting!! Check out the poster for dates and info!

Totem Pole Family Workshops

Great to be invited to run a couple of short family workshops with Birkby Infants as part of the 'Tell Me A Story' project today. It was top fun working with parents and children, and I just love those Posca pens on cardboard!

Red Car

Red Car

During a recent short and very hot camping trip this image evolved on my iPad.

Cardboard Nature - Animation Project

Over the past 5 days I have been supporting a group of Hearing Impaired students at Newsome High School in the making of an environmentally themed animated film using recycled cardboard, paper, and a couple of iPads. The group were incredibly industrious, and along with very enthusiastic staff, worked solidly over the 5 days to carefully craft stunning artwork and a beautifully evocative soundtrack (working with Musician Nick Lewis). A big thank you to Katrina Whale for managing and supporting the delivery of the project. The project was made possible with funds from the Ernest Cook Trust.

Animating the bird

Ink on Paper Really is a Joy

20 seconds of Jackdaws

Stack of Memories

Continuing with the WE ARE THE BIRDS series is proving to be lots of fun using ink on paper and a variety of tools, inks and pens. Having recently discovering that the Big Pitt Brush pens have been discontinued, I am really cherishing every mark that I get to make with them. Such a lovely clean and expressive line that works a treat on the Pink Pig cartridge paper that I am using at the moment. Continuous and spontaneous lines are still at the forefront of my mark making, but the use of traditional bamboo dip pens is pushing me towards a different way of drawing too.... where more of a stop-start-stop approach is needed. Other favourites that I am using are the Pentel Brush pen and a range of acrylic and indian inks. More to come....

Great Workshop for the #Whitechapelwoods Project

Working on a collaborative design

Great fun yesterday working at the Brady Centre with students from local Faith Schools to develop imagery for the 'Whitechapel Woods' hoarding project. A great project with the lovely folk at Brickbox

Bolivia Bear

Made in a day......

Made in a day......

Here is a 5ft tall cardboard bear I made in a day for an exhibition preview in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Cardboard, glue gun, acrylic paint and Posca pens. More about Bolivia very soon.