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Making Simone the Dancing Cat

Simone in the Musical Garden

Simone in the Musical Garden

Working as part of 154 Collective is always a blast, and even though our approach can appear haphazard, even chaotic or bonkers, the methods often spit out unexpected outcomes. Simone is one of those outcomes. The 'visual script' (below) for our show Cardboard Joe contained a character that I named Simone the Dancing Cat. She cried out to become a puppet, and as discussions around story ideas developed she managed to secure a central role in the piece.

Below is a gallery of images tracking the making of Simone. Her blue colour developed out of the Cafe Nero bags used as collage elements in the early sketchbook ideas. She is constructed mainly from cardboard and gum tape, and finished off nicely with a fleece fabric body and limbs. She is painted with acrylic paint and posca pens. In the show she busts a series of startling moves under the guidance of Cardboard Joe (Dan Mallaghan).