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Ink on Paper Really is a Joy

20 seconds of Jackdaws

Stack of Memories

Continuing with the WE ARE THE BIRDS series is proving to be lots of fun using ink on paper and a variety of tools, inks and pens. Having recently discovering that the Big Pitt Brush pens have been discontinued, I am really cherishing every mark that I get to make with them. Such a lovely clean and expressive line that works a treat on the Pink Pig cartridge paper that I am using at the moment. Continuous and spontaneous lines are still at the forefront of my mark making, but the use of traditional bamboo dip pens is pushing me towards a different way of drawing too.... where more of a stop-start-stop approach is needed. Other favourites that I am using are the Pentel Brush pen and a range of acrylic and indian inks. More to come....