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Pylon Clusters - digital doodles

After a long period of producing very little on the Surface Pro (partly due to misplacing the power pack), the past couple of days have seen a flurry of activity on the much neglected Windows device. I have revisited Fresh Paint and Sketchtime, and tried out Mischief for the first time.

Each app offers a very different experience for me when creating digital doodles.

I had forgotten how very different the Surface Pro 2 screen is for drawing on when compared to the Cintiq Companion or the iPad, and I realised that I quite like the solid glass screen and the lightness of the flimsy pen.

Enjoyable sketching fun!

I must put the power pack inside a fluorescent sock and nail it to the Studio wall so i don't misplace it again.

Made with Fresh Paint

Made with Sketchtime

Made with Mischief 

Made with Mischief