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I try to update this often with images, projects pics and adventures in drawing.

Animating in the Forest

Last week as part of my 'rest and relax' December regime I took myself off to this lovely cabin in Dalby Forest.

The plan was to rest, do a little drawing, maybe a bit of animating on the iPad, but nothing major. Following a brief walk in the forest as the light was starting to fade to a wonderful turquoise blue I started to play around with Tagtool Classic on the iPad, aiming to make a couple of cinematic loops utilising a limited palette. Much of the imagery I had created the previous week in Inverness was still very fresh in my mind and fed straight into the Tagtool images I created. Over the course of the next 24 hours I put together a number of sequences all based around a similar theme and colour palette. The resulting images felt like they would hang together well as a short animated piece, although I was thinking projected immersive installation rather than a small screen based work.

I fired off a request to hoping I would be granted permission to use the track '18' as the template for the edit. The answer was yes and the final edit can be seen below.