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Mail Me Art - Short & Sweet

The lovely little book which accompanies the Mail Me Art - Short and Sweet project and exhibitions arrived in the post today. The exhibitions open on July 30th and August 9th (more details below). My original mail art which appears in the book and exhibitions can be purchased here . All proceeds to well deserving charities!

 Mail Me Art 

Mail Me Art is a fun little project that was created by Darren Di Lieto of The Little Chimp Society in late 2006. He was looking for a way to connect on a real world level with all of the brilliant and talented illustrators who had become part of his community and network. Mail art was the perfect way to accomplish this task. The Mail Me Art project has held exhibitions up and down the UK, and was published as a very nice book by HOW Books. It has also been featured or mentioned by Digital Arts, Computer Arts, Design Week and The Telegraph over the years. Mail Me Art is still going strong to this day and there seems to be no stopping it!