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Sexy Peat

I am gradually getting my kit and equipment ready for a three week stay in Scotland (2 weeks on Lewis and 1 week in Inverness) as part of the wonderful Sexy Peat Project.

The Highland Print Studio project, Sexy Peat, will result in the creation of a body of contemporary visual art that celebrates the landscape and heritage of the Lewis blanket bog.

The artists involved will collaborate with peatland scientists and other specialists to gain an understanding of this unique and environmentally important landscape, along with the heritage of the people who have lived in it. The project will also utilise the wealth of local knowledge and experience of the peatland and it’s heritage.

One of the reasons Highland Print Studio was keen to do this project on the Lewis peatland was to highlight the significance and larger unknown role that this environment plays in global climate regulation, playing a comparable role to the tropical rainforest in countering global warming.

Alison McMenemy, Director, Highland Print Studio, said: “We want to make a body of contemporary visual art that makes the rainforests’ slightly frumpy counterpart a little bit more sexy and give it the recognition it rightly deserves”.

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